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Wheel of Fortune

Welcome to the marvelous Wheel of Fortune game show! Or at least it's game adaptation created by me in Unreal Engine 4. Tonight you will compete with the finest of the finest. You will sit on your couch with your friends, drink beer, and have fun! But first, let me introduce you to this project's development process. I created most of it in late 2021 with having in mind making an XR game show. I wanted it to be as modular and easy to modify and extend as possible.

Before diving deeper, take a look at this short (2 minutes) video showing brief gameplay:


Create base blueprintable classes written in C++ in order to completely decouple visual implementation from game rules and calculations.

Focusing on writing as clean code as I am able to, following advices from a great book "Game Programming Patterns" written by Robert Nystrom I used programming patterns to improve architecture of the solution.

Structure the problem and look for appropriate pattern in order to introduce ease of extendibility, which is important in this kind of show as new features can added between seasons like new wedges or mechanics

Table of Content

- Wheel

- Player Controller

- Puzzle Board

Links and files

Unreal Engine 4.27 project: >>> LINK <<<

GitHub repository with source code: >>> LINK <<<